"As Rosemary is the spirit, Lavender is the soul."    - Unknown

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This Watercolor Workshop is for a beginning and more advanced artist - FUN, FUN, FUN

Watercolor Workshop: Bright, Fast, Fresh and Clean conducted by Dr. Jim McIntosh. 1 Day: $40 (REGISTER BY CONTACTING Carolyn Byrd on Facebook or phone or TEXT 276 734-2828)

Responding as a child of God, Jim tries to say something about the beauty and wonder of His creation with emotion. His desire is to put on paper his feelings, intuition and spirit of a sub- ject with bright intense and colorful chroma. It is not to produce a copy of the subject but an im- pressionistic interpretation of what he sees and feels. For him this seems to be easiest when painting “Plein Aire”. This means painting on location to use all your senses to experience the feeling for the subject and intuitively respond to it with color.

After teaching Biology at the college and university level for 37 years and retiring to the NC coast, he spends more time on his long time avocation of painting in watercolor. He has been honored with one man shows at Patrick Henry Community College, Virginia Tech, Critz, Va, the NC Aquarium at Ft. Fisher, several galleries and wine shops. His paintings have received many awards both locally and regionally, including the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.

His paintings are shown in several public and corporate organizations including VF Corp, Va Tech, PHCC, the NC Legislative Office Building and several coastal establishments. He has paintings in private homes in many states including Hollywood, CA, internationally in Moscow, UK, Goa, Austria, South Africa and Serbia.

This workshop is for beginners in any media. The principles are the same for most media, the techniques different... It will be taught using watercolor as the media. It is to be a fun experience.

MATERIALS AND STUFF: Paper: 100% cotton, acid free... Use the best you can afford.

Brushes: Rounds #6 or larger, Flat or angular shader 3/4” or larger, Rigger #2 or larger, Wash 1”to2”
Paint: Tube paint for bright clean paintings.. A warm and cool variety of blue, red, yellow plus your favorite colors. That is usually about 12 colors.
Miscellaneous: Palette with slots for paint and mixing area.
Painting board: to attach the paper to for painting.
Bull clips or tape to attach the paper to the board. Water container, paper towels, spray bottle and scraping tool.
Beginning techs using brushes, paint and water.
Value Schemes: Value is what your eyes first see in a painting. Value is Light and Dark.

1. Paint only that which is shadow with mingling colors of the same value.

2. Use the “two against one” scheme

A. Light and Dark subject against a Mid Value.
B. Light and Medium subject against a Dark Value.
C. Medium and Dark subject against a Light Value.

Symbols: We must invent symbols to express the essence of the subject  matter. The essence includes the silhouette(the most important), color, and texture. Symbols we will need include: trees, rocks, sky, water, houses, people, fog, rain,snow, mountains, ocean waves, and people to name a few...

My favorite vendors: www.cheapjoes.com www.jerrysartarama.com & www.dickblick.com.  Also, Walmart for beginning paint, brushes, and paper.

Preliminary Plan: One day workshop on a rain free Saturday or Sunday either in late May or June (TBA)

FORMAT: One Day: 9:00am-1:00pm $40, veterans and covid care givers free OR

FORMAT: Two Day: 9:00am-1:00pm $60

Dr. Jim McIntosh oldbioprof@gmail.com; www.facebook.com/theoldbioprof